Project Isizwe joins World Wi-Fi Day

  What is World Wi-Fi Day? World Wi-Fi day is a global initiative to help bridge the digital divide. It is a platform to recognize and celebrate the significant role Wi-Fi is playing in cities and communities around the world by driving exciting and innovative projects to ‘connect the unconnected’. World Wi-Fi Day is a […]

Petitions for free Wi-Fi to bridge digital divide

April is a month for celebrating freedom, and taking a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come since those long voting lines in 1994 made local and international headlines, a moment that allowed South Africans to re-imagine their country. The Journalist’s Linda Fekisi considers what ‘freedom’ means in the digital age, the great divide […]

The time for free internet access in South Africa is now

With local government elections around the corner, we’re joining forces with Project Isizwe’s petition to bring about free internet access in South Africa. As South Africans, we’ve a number of things to be proud of as our country celebrates its 23rd year of democracy. Despite challenges faced to our society, we continue to prosper – […]

Free WiFi for Africa is within reach

  To watch the full video click on the image above or follow this link to view. Alan Knott-Craig dreams of a future where every African has access to a free WiFi Internet connection within walking distance. Pipe dream? Well, remarkably, that dream is already a reality for a million people right here in South […]

Pretoria takes lead in free Wi-Fi provision

PRETORIA, (CAJ News) – PRETORIA has underlined its status as the largest provider of free Wi-Fi in South Africa with more than 1 million unique users having accessed the service since launch in 2013. Blessing Manale, the spokesperson for the capital city, confirms the milestone although he could not shed how much the project had […]

James Devine – Hands-on approach

Working closely with the public sector and being truly dedicated to serving communities isn’t a new experience for Project Isizwe’s CIIO (Chief Innovation & Information Officer) James Devine. He spent 16 years as police reservist, 14 of those with the Flying Squad. “At the same time, I was working my way up in IT,” Devine […]