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Low-end smartphones are flooding the market and millions of users are ready to be engaged but the high cost of data limits brands' ability to reach them.
Public free Wifi networks are the solution. They're used by millions across the country at taxi ranks, malls and community centres. Afri-fi serves regional custom portals on these networks, giving brands with a powerful channel to reach this previously unreachable marketed in a very targeted and personal way.

Project Isizwe Project Isizwe has connected more than 2.5 million South Africans to Free Public WiFi, but there are still millions more across the country who remain unconnected. Afri-Fi is our opportunity to take the power of free Wifi to the rest of the country, and quite possibly the rest of the continent.

  • 600+ thousand users per month.
  • 110+ thousand users every day.
  • 80% users via mobile.

Join the free Wifi movement and take advantage of a massively untapped market with:

  • Sponsored sign-up pages
  • Hot Lead Generation
  • Real-time Surveys
  • Branded Content and Section Sponsorship
  • Gamified rewards
  • Sponsored Data