How does Free WiFi affect you? Project Isizwe series

We’ve read some of the best quotes about Free WiFi from the media, the government and companies, but the most important opinions are those of our Free WiFi Users. We asked them a simple question – ‘How does Free WiFi affect your life?’, and below are some of the best responses. ‘This Wi-Fi help us a […]

Smart cities are about survival

Global urbanisation is taking place at a high rate. By 2050, 70% of the world will be urbanised. By 2050, eight out of 10 South Africans will be living in one of the country’s cities. Therefore, becoming a smart city is not only an opportunity, but providing citizens with all their digitalneeds and services is […]

Tshwane to double its free Wi-Fi zones

There are 752 zones across Tshwane where residents can access the city’s award winning free internet service. The initiative, which recently won a World Wi- Fi Day Award for Most Innovative City or Government Programme to bridge the Digital Divide, will be increased by a further 700 city sites.World Wi-Fi Day is celebrated on 20 […]

Get free WiFi access in South Africa by viewing ads first

WiFi hotspots might be everywhere in South Africa, but actually accessing them is another story entirely. Aside from initiatives like Project Isizwe and the Western Cape Free Project, hotspot access is generally expensive or requires you to be a customer on a partner network. Now, a new project, dubbed , claims to deliver “ad-funded free WiFi” access […]

Project Isizwe wins award for helping bridge the digital divide in Tshwane

Project Isizwe has won an international award for its deployment of free WiFi in the City of Tshwane in partnership with South Africa’s capital municipality. The non-profit organisation was crowned the “Most Innovative City or Government Programme to Bridge the Digital Divide” by the World Broadband Alliance at the inaugural World WiFi Day. World WiFi […]

The time for free internet access in South Africa is now

With local government elections around the corner, we’re joining forces with Project Isizwe’s petition to bring about free internet access in South Africa.   As South Africans, we’ve a number of things to be proud of as our country celebrates its 23rd year of democracy. Despite challenges faced to our society, we continue to prosper […]