The Changing World of Connectivity

In the past, we used to have the Internet, telephone connections, radio and TV. Our children or grandchildren will laugh at us. I used to laugh at my grandfather calling a radio the wireless. Now the word wireless is back in again.

In the future, an Internet connection will cover everything. There won’t be TV, radio, or telephone there will just be a network connection.

On that network, you will be able to get services like voice or video or live TV. Those services will be delivered by an application.

We see it now, your Internet connection, if it’s fast enough, will give you a video service and you can see shows through an application like Netflix or Showmax. Your Internet connection allows voice over data services and applications like WhatsApp allow you to make calls.

In that world, anyone who can’t afford data will be very disadvantaged and excluded from society. Free WiFi is a must to prevent a cruel new apartheid from developing, excluding some and including others based on what data you can afford.