Free Wi-Fi Economic Impact

We are sometimes asked to justify what the economic impact of free Wi-Fi is to a region?

This is a really important question but very hard to answer with a true number. Being connected today is critical for business. You just can’t operate. The same applies to those trapped in poverty unable to buy data.

Connectivity is now an essential resource. It is like water, electricity or roads. Maybe if we asked a few questions about other vital utilities we can see the importance of connectivity and how difficult it is to put a number down to answer the question.

What would the economic impact of having no electricity in a city for a month be? Remember load shedding in South Africa?

What would the economic impact of no water in Cape Town be?

What would the economic impact of the roads close in Gauteng be?

If you want to know what the economic impact of being unconnected is the answer is so easy to find. Switch your smartphone into Airplane mode for a month and evaluate the economic impact it has had on you. That’s just what it is like if you can’t afford data.