Free Wifi Means Staying Connected

Everyday we are moving closer to a way of life that is irreversibly wired in, perpetually demanding our attention, feeding us new information, both exciting and sometimes uninteresting, and while we may be on the cusp of realising a standard of technological mastery through free WiFi, it is important to remember that we are still human beings, that our pursuit for connectivity should not come at the expense of the connections we enjoy in our families and friendships.

Can you remember what it was like to dial up?

That weird electronic squawking sound that seemed to never end, and then suddenly – connected.

Hello, internet.

A world at your fingertips.

Can you remember what it was like before the internet?

I am not making a case for delighting in ignorance, going backwards. But as we move forwards, it’s worth recognising how far we’ve come as a society, especially as South Africans. We are a nation renowned for hospitality and fellowship. There’s no getting around the thornier issues plaguing our country, but what shines through is our determination and aspiration for excellence.

It may sound cliche, but we have one another to thank. It has not been a smooth ride. We can be proud of the ambition we share. Free WiFi is going to change the way we relate to everything, how we manage our lives. But let’s not forget to take the time to appreciate how we got here, the people that matter most to us, and how we intend to transform our future as perpetual connectivity becomes the new norm.