TshWi-Fi Q&A: We Answer Your Questions

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We’ve heard that robbers sometimes target TshWi-Fi hotspots. What can be done?

Unfortunately, criminals will always try to take advantage in places where people congregate. The SAPS are aware of the free Wifi spots and are making an effort to effectively monitor these areas.


Users can keep themselves safe by only using the free Wifi during daylight hours and keeping their own data for night-time use, by remaining aware and vigilant while at Wifi hotspots, and by reporting any suspicious activity to the police.

What about Free Wifi at home? Is that possible?

We’d love to offer free Wifi to households, but it’s just not possible with the existing infrastructure. Free Wifi in public spaces is the most democratic way of ensuring that everyone has access.
What about the internet shops that are affected?

Many small businesses have benefited tremendously from using TshWi-Fi. There will always be a place for internet businesses that offer value to their customers and that continue to innovate to serve customer needs.

Will TshWi-Fi ever be stopped? Will I have to start paying for it?

We remain committed to a sustainable future for TshWi-Fi.  The City of Tshwane has been a staunch supporter of bringing free Wifi to the people, and together we are looking at ways to make sure that it continues to grow.