Accolades and Recognition

TshWi-Fi TV, Tshwane’s video-on-demand citizen journalism project, is a winner in the 2016 FIRE Africa Awards for being an internet service that promotes social inclusion, strengthens democracy and allows for the exercise of rights and freedoms. This innovative collaboration between the City of Tshwane and Project Isizwe delivers hyper-local education and entertainment videos to Tshwane’s Free Wi-Fi users.



TshWi-Fi,Tshwane’s Free Wi-Fi project made possible by Project Isizwe, has won the Wi-Fi NOW award for Affordable Connectivity – an honour that puts the project among the leading lights in the international Wi-Fi industry. At a prestigious ceremony in London last night, TshWi-Fi was presented with the global award for bringing data to the people of Tshwane.



Honoured to be named, in collaboration with the City of Tshwane, MOST INNOVATIVE CITY PROGRAM TO BRIDGE THE DIGITAL DIVIDE in the 2016 World Wi-Fi Day Awards, showcasing TshWi-Fi as a comprehensive WiFi solution to innovatively overcome the challenges and complexities associated with large-scale city-wide deployments. View more here.


Proud Winner of the BEST CONNECTIVITY SOLUTION FOR AFRICA Award for the Tshwane Free WiFi Project, and the BEST APP FOR AFRICA Award for the WiFi Voice Mobile App at AfricaCom Awards 2015. The awards recognise the organisation’s innovation and achievement in enabling world-class connectivity for South Africa’s Capital City.


We fly to Polokwane, a city in the impoverished northeast. There we meet James Devine, who works for Project Isizwe, a local nonprofit that makes free Wi-Fi available.Devine and Wallace have forged a partnership in which Facebook finances hot spots in several villages and Isizwe monitors their upkeep. View more here.


On a commanding hill with a majestic view of the South African capital there is a castle. It’s a real castle, complete with turrets and spires. At first glance, it appears to be some grandiose folly, especially when you discover it has been recently rebuilt. But this castle is intentional. View more here.


The Xhosa word for a nation and the notion of bringing people together, Isizwe is a South African venture, piloted over the past year across the city of Tshwane, bringing free internet to every public space in the country as a not-for-profit, requiring no login, tying into no advertising, and putting only a light data cap on the connection to deter network hogs. View more here.


“Promising “Free WiFi for South Africa” is a bold statement, but not when you are Alan Knott-Craig, the erstwhile CEO of Mxit and you’re passionate about something like this.” – says Shapshak. View more here.


Third place Award for INNOVATIVE USE OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES (ICTs) FOR EFFECTIVE SERVICE DELIVERY in the CPSI Public Sector Innovation Awards. In partnership with the City of Tshwane, this award showcases Project Isizwe’s collaboration with local government in enabling innovative and improved public service.