Project Isizwe committed to sustaining Free Wi-Fi


FreeWifiSuccessful talks have been held between City of Tshwane officials and Project Isizwe. A joint proposal will be submitted to the municipal governance process for approval.

The success of the network has been beyond anyone’s prediction. Since August 2016, the usage has increased by 65%. This has a direct knock-on cost to supporting and sustaining the network at current levels.

Free Wi-Fi is saving the citizens of Tshwane over R40 million per month in the equivalent data cost if they had used other mobile data options. The cost of sustaining the network is under R1.50 per month per citizen or under R6 per month per active user.

We are running pilots to enable the network to become self-sustaining. At these costs and interest levels from advertisers, the results are very positive. They love the analytics they are getting back from Free Wi-Fi. They want more. Free Wi-Fi will take an increasing share of the TV advertising market which will enable it to self-sustain. 

Project Isizwe and the City of Tshwane are pioneering the blueprint of how to deploy Free Wi-Fi such that it is sustainable and meets good municipal governance.

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Key Accounts Manager

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