Project Isizwe’s Tech Guru To Speak At The Wifi Now Conference

wifi Now

Project Isizwe is no stranger to the Wifi Now community. In 2016 we won the prestigious WiFi Now Affordable Connectivity Award for bringing free Wifi to the people of Tshwane.

This year WiFi Now has given Project Isizwe the further honour of inviting Chief Information Officer James Devine to speak to the thought leaders of the Wifi industry at the Wifi Now 2017 Expo and Conference.

James is uniquely qualified to speak about the challenges and opportunities presented by rolling out a massive Free Wifi network in Africa.

As Chief Information Officer and one of the founding members of Project Isizwe, James has been a Project Isizwe champion since the very beginning. From the humble beginnings of the project in 2013, James  has been unwavering in his commitment and passion for the Project Isizwe vision: bridging the digital divide in South Africa.

Ask him about what inspired him to take the biggest risk of his career and join the fledging project almost four years ago, James will laugh and talk about the joy of finding solutions to complex problems.

That leap of faith has proven to be hugely significant for Wifi in South Africa. James has been instrumental in helping Tshwane to become one of the most connected cities on the continent with the City’s free Wifi project – TshWi-Fi.

Since launch TshWi-Fi has facilitated over 2.7 million unique connections and over 181 million sessions, using a massive 3.7 petabytes of data. An incredible 310, 000 connections have been recorded in a single day, showing just how popular TshWi-Fi is.

The vision driving TshWi-Fi has been to enable Wi-Fi within walking distance of every citizen, and to better the lives of South Africans by digitally empowering learners, thinkers, entrepreneurs and innovators to improve economic development, enhance educational outcomes and increase social cohesion in our communities.

Being a practical problem-solver and mentor to the young technicians in the field, James has a wealth of real-world knowledge to share with attendees at the conference.

The event will be attended by industry leaders and innovators from around the world and will be held at Lagoon Beach Hotel from the 9th to the 11th May 2017.