Using the Internet for Your After School Plans

Once learners have completed their 12 years of schooling the options for what to do after can be a daunting thought but thankfully using the Internet can assist in making plans for the future.

One of the most obvious ways to use the internet for school leavers is applying to tertiary institutions to study towards a future career. This includes everything from browsing career ideas, researching institutions to apply at and completing and submitting those application process for the years to come. Most of South Africa’s tertiary institutions have websites detailing the courses on offer as well as their requirements, applications process and contact details for people who can assist with the process.

Take a look at this list of tertiary institutions in South Africa to consider applying to

Of course, there are many other smaller colleges which you can find using a simple Google Search.

Many South African learners have no plans to further their studies at tertiary level and are eager to enter the job market but to do this successfully employers require a CV that accurately and effectively details all skills and interests. The internet is a great tool to use to create an impactful CV that will help employers pick you over other applicants.

Take a look at these great tools to use to do just that:

CV Mkr

Enhance CV


Your CV Builder

The next important way in which the internet is useful to school leavers is the job search and application process. There are many reputable websites where employers list available positions for all levels of education including people who do not have tertiary education.

Try some of these great job searching platforms today:






The internet is a powerful tool for those looking to make future career plans from researching vocations and learning institutions, career advice, CV creation and job search and application processes. Project Isizwe would like to make the internet available to all South African school leavers to give them an equal opportunity to be as successful in their futures as those who can afford it.